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Yay! A Good Day!

The first leg of this nauseating ride seems to be slowing down – for now. Don’t let chemo think you don’t respect it or it sneaks up and slaps you up side the head again.
But today is a good day for several reasons.

First, my old pals Michael and Sue came down from Sacramento, allowing Michelle some much needed time when she didn’t have to fetch my water: “No I don’t want ice, can you add some lemon, yuck I can’t stand lemon right now, I’m so hot would you please put some ice in this? Oh, club soda would really taste better, could you go to the store and get some?”

It must be exhausting thinking about life with a nauseated schizophrenic for the next six months. Michael and Sue didn’t mind just sitting and watching movies in the dark all day on the first official weekend of summer.

They are the friends I can cry with as I worry about the changes that will overtake my body in the coming weeks and the increasing burden I might become. Sue came armed with teas, and vegan soup from my favorite Thai restaurant in Sac. Good friends, indeed. Yet in my depths of chemo depression I think about the friends who haven’t yet checked to see how I am doing. How is it the world keeps turning when mine stands still? An hour later I get teary over the closer friendships I have made since my diagnosis. Damned evil chemo! A big mind f@#$.

One new friend is my veterinarian, who came by to check on my dog Abi’s horrible hips because I can’t make our bi-weekly visits for the time being. Rene, who also practices Chinese medicine, administered a session of acupuncture on Abi, as she does regularly at the pet hospital. Then she said she wanted to try something on me. Applying pressure to points inside my forearm, below my knee and on top of my head, she managed to relieve all of my nausea symptoms – at least for now. I’ll take it for as long as this beautiful feeling lasts. I’ve been able to eat and even sit upright for most of the day.

That makes today a good day.

2 Responses to “Yay! A Good Day!”

  • SEH:

    So glad this day was a bit better for you. That is some vet you have there! She makes house calls and treats both pet and owner!!!!! Hope she makes another visit soon. Fight on, Tracie!!!

  • Jared Grigsby:

    While I can’t make it to Fresno from Indiana right now, I’m sending you tons of positive thoughts and wishes that your recovery is speedier than you expect! Thank you for keeping us updated with how you’re doing.

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