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Under My Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered what’s under your nails? Neither have I, but now I know.

As part of my ongoing sloughing of the old to reveal a new me underneath, my fingernails are now popping off. It’s creepy, but not as bad as it sounds, as long as I don’t need to get anything out of a pocket or to pick up something small. Catching a loose one on something is the only time it hurts.

That disgusting looking thumb in the photo looks like it is growing a new nail, but it’s not really a nail. It feels like skin, but maybe nails grow like seashells, growing increasingly thicker as time passes. At least there is no more pain with that one. Only nine more to go, then my toes. Sigh.

I know from the past experience of dropping something heavy on my big toe that nails take a year to come back. It means I’ll be going back to work in January bald and with no fingernails, eyebrows or eyelashes. I wonder how that will go over with the people I have to interview?

I’m happy that today my nails are my big worry. I’m getting over the achy weekend that took me back to the ER Monday. I feel good as long as I’m sitting, but weak when I try to do something.

That’s normal, I’m told, after all I’ve been through. Still, I am eager to get my body in fighting shape so five years from now we can list ourselves among the breast cancer survivors.

Patience has never been my virtue. But in the race between me and my nails getting back to something approaching normal I know in my heart I’m going to win by a mile.

2 Responses to “Under My Thumbnail”

  • Elaine Hoover:

    When you are ready and back at work, come interview me so that I can tell you a story about this amazing woman I know! But wait, you are already writing that story!

    Tracei, you have always been a winner!

  • Marian:

    DearTracie, I continually keep you in my thoughts and prayers and am so proud of you. You have been through so much and have been so determined.

    Just want you to know you are very special and I love you!


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