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Tubes Out; Mom Here

We’re leaving Stanford so I’ll post this quickly. My tubes and corset are out; my new flat chest revealed. With shirt it’s not so bad. Without? Well, it will take some getting used to. More tomorrow.
But first… My surgeon said the news of the biopsy is good. Cancer dead in my breast! The lymphs are a little more iffy. Evidence it had moved to the first, which we knew. The other six he took were clear. Dr Carlson my oncologist will tell us what that means on Tuesday. What we do know for sure now is that the treatment worked.
Meanwhile I am so happy to be free of my four drainage tubes that I hardly even notice my chest.
Or as mom said after the visit, “Hallelulia.”

3 Responses to “Tubes Out; Mom Here”

  • Elaine Hoover:

    Hallelujah and praise the Lord!!!! So glad the biopsy is good.

  • Kimberly Fields:

    I am so relieved to hear this news! Things are really starting to look up T…way to go! This is just one more example of how strong you truly are to fight this battle and you are brave enough to expose yourself (in a good way) by sharing everything in your chronicles.

  • Abi's BF:

    Im be gonna singin’ my gospel songs out ma’prayerbook……ize is so HAPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!
    YIPPEEEEEEEEEE !!!! see you on halloween,

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