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Trying on wigs for kicks

My friend Leslie and I were early for yoga, so we walked into the wig shop next door. I hadn’t considered a wig, but when I got to the last one I looked like my old self. Should I go back and get it?

First I tried going gray. That's Leslie behind me

Then we tried a spiky, sassy look...

But when I tried on this one, I looked like my old self and, for a moment, forgot I have cancer!

7 Responses to “Trying on wigs for kicks”

  • Adorable, go for it Tracie. In fact, I may even look into one. It looks a helluva lot better (and easier!) than the daily hair dryer chore. BTW: you look so skinny! Stop losing weight … xo, Julie

  • Lara:

    (the copy-edited version – please use this one)

    love that bottom frame! such a cute wash-n-go summer style. i’m printing it out and taking it to my hairdresser pronto!!! ;-) keeping step with you in your from-the-heart entries. hugs from florida.

  • Sue:

    The first one you look like your sis! The middle one….let it go. LOVE the last one! Sweet and cute! Why the heck not if it makes you feel better.
    Hugs from Sac!

  • Karen:

    tracie that last wig was gorgie!! Wigs are a blast! it looked like fun trying them on. They’re kind of pricey aren’t they? I wouldn’t mind having a few. good enough for Cher!! Looking forward to meeting you very soon!!!! XOXO Karenanna

  • Judi:

    Yes, yes…you look so good in the last one. I like the first one also but would chose the last one. I agree with Sue, forget the rebel do! God, it is tempting. I would have never thought of buying a wig but now you’ve got me thinking. Makes me want to shave my head and buy one.

  • Hey, Hon, go for it!! I love that last one. It’ll make you feel better. I’ll see you Wed. Love you, Mom

  • Beth:

    Hey Tracie,
    That last wig reminds me of your days in high school. Remarkably, you look good and healthy with it. I say go for it. I truly admire your determination, strength, and positivity. You have been an inspiration for me in the situation that you know I am now going through, and I thank you for your honesty and putting yourself and your emotions out here and sharing your fight with all. Just always remember you have a big team supporting you and lifting you up in prayer and that you are never alone.
    Love Ya,

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