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The second phase begins

I’m up early today for the trip to Stanford. I just took steroids, which are now a part of my big bag o’ medicines. They’re supposed to stem any allergic reaction to the chemo, plus it will cause bloating and, if I’m like Barry Bonds, make my bald head even bigger. Time to get back into the gym.
I’ll get my official tests results, too, and will let you know what my status is when return home this evening.
Nothing is easy. Michelle needed a day off from all of this to actually work. Kim missed her connection to Fresno in Vegas, where the kind folks at the Tropicana upgraded her last-minute room and gave her four free drink tickets after hearing her tale of woe (kindness of strangers!). Still, she’ up in time for a later flight this morning. So it’s me and Carol for what I hope will be a shorter process with just one type of chemo to administer.
My date with chemo awaits. Later, friends!

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  • Maria:


    I’ll be thinking of you today and sending positive vibes! Hang in there!

  • Abi's BF:

    HI T,
    I loved yesterdays blog……people are mostly wonderful. I also love reading what other people write…it’s as uplifting as your writing. I know first hand that sharing your story has done wonders for so many others….I also know this cancer will soon come to an end and I will really miss reading this story……I think I smell a book !!!!!!

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