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The night before Round 3

I spent today trying hard not to think about tomorrow and my third round of double-dose chemo. Staying in the moment takes a lot of practice.

It will be my first trip to Stanford looking like the rest of the veterans in the infusion lab: bald.

Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Carlson, who was at an oncology conference during my last visit. He will have a chance to examine my tumors, and we’ll see if he agrees with Katie the PA that they are smaller. I am hopeful.

I spend lots of time rubbing my head, intrigued by the smoothness of it. It won’t grow back until long after chemo has ended.

Chemo kills fast-growing cells, and cancer is a fast-growing cell. So is hair. So if my hair cells are dead, that means the cancer is dying too.

Bald is beautiful.

4 Responses to “The night before Round 3”

  • Judi:

    I’m visualizing those pac men taking that tumor down. You can do it. Think about those olive trees!!!


  • John Hubner:

    Hi Tracie
    Wishing you the very best results at Stanford.
    I was struck by your comment about being in your head and that being a place you do not want to be. David Milch, the TV producer, director, writer, said, ‘when I’m in my head I’m in a very bad neighborhood.’

  • carol:

    Hi Tracie and Michelle,

    I am visualizing the shrinking of your tumors and replacing them with healthy , vital cells. I am praying that your Doc. will give you good news.

    I hope the treatment goes without a hitch.

    My heart goes out to you both!


  • LB:

    Bald is beautiful, baby!! We are headed back to Italy in September for another house hunting trip – so, in a few years when we are settled and you are well (that means cancer free and freedom for you)you are coming to visit. I posted pictures in my FB album – check it out. Michelle is invited, of course :-)

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