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The Love Never Stops

Every day something happens in the midst of all my suffering that makes me feel loved. Feeling loved makes me want to keep fighting no matter how horrible I feel.

Today after visiting my cardiologist at Stanford, who really shed no new light on my fainting spells, we headed to San Francisco. I had told my colleagues in the AP bureau on Wednesday that I would stop in to say hi if I felt up to it. I miss them so much, and I miss having purpose, tho I suppose fighting for my life is purpose.

I thought that given the pace of news they wouldn’t have much time to visit. Surprise! We visited for an hour, enjoyed fresh fruit and cold drinks, and I caught them up on my ordeal.

Then Steph came in with a gift bag. It was heavy. I thought it was a big book. I was shocked they had gotten me a gift to help pass my days, but not as shocked as when I opened the package. It was an iPad!!! OMG I have wanted one so bad. I can download books and audiobooks and update my blog from bed easily instead of typing on my phone. How thoughtful, cool and generous is this????

This reminds me of the time I had mumps as a kid and my parents bought me an Etch a Sketch. I passed the days away drawing staircases. I hope to be more creative and fill even more time with this!!

The SFC bureau rocks! I miss you guys!

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