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The Hard Part Is Ending

On Wednesday I get my last blast of radiation. I’m burned, tired and it feels like my flesh is cooked under my skin.

But the horrible, painful part of my cancer treatment is coming to an end.

This is what I just put up for my Facebook status:

“I’ve either been frightened, nauseated or in pain every single day since May 3, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8 a.m. California time, I get my last dose of radiation. Then my body starts to heal. At last. It has been a long road and I couldn’t have done it without you, my friends!”

My doctor told my skin will continue to burn for about two weeks, even after the treatment ends.

But starting Wednesday, when my radiation ends, my new beginning begins.

The tumors that depended on me to live are gone.

On Wednesday I begin rebuilding a new, healthy body.

4 Responses to “The Hard Part Is Ending”

  • Elaine Hoover:

    You have persevered through this “trial” with such courage, grace, strength, and humor. We are all rejoicing in the fact that you have come to the end of your treatment! Here’s to a NEW BEGINNING!

  • Linda:

    Way to hang in there Tracie and kick butt! May your holidays be peaceful and 2011 filled with health and new beginnings. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

  • Bryan:

    Merry, merry Christmas! Congratulations on being a hero to innumerable people, beating cancer and, well, kicking ass and taking names along the way. Warrior Tracie and co-warrior Michelle, you two are the real deal. Rock on ladies!

  • alejandro:

    Think of yourself as a Phoenix… a real life Phoenix.

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