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Well, that nice quiet pre-birthday dinner I thought I was having with Michelle tonight (see next entry) turned out to be a surprise party! And I had no idea.

My favorite Fresno peeps and my support throughout all of this: Pam, Jay, Leslie, David, Lisa, Ed, Rick, Kathryn, Ron and Michelle and me.

What a great night! Lots of laughs. A fantastic end to my feel good days, and a big emotional boost as I head into Round 4.

5 Responses to “Surprise!”

  • Paige:

    Tracie – you look great! Michelle – you are awesome for putting together this surprise party! I love you!!

  • Abi's BF:

    What a great party last night!!
    We had a BLAST !!!!!!!! It felt like a Saturday night and yes, this morning felt like the day after, UGH. It was hard getting out of bed. T………you look amazing, in fact you are the cutest you!!! Happy Birthday again (early) and be safe this day,
    We love you ,
    Rick and David

  • Lee Q:

    Sweetie: You look great in all the wigs or with no wig. Happy Birthday with as little pain, nausea and general crappiness as possible. And thank God that varicose vein on your inner thigh will be gone; I’ve always wondered about it!

    By the way, Chris and I have joined her son Mark and our daughter-in-law Mitsi, both nurses, as you know, for wonderful meals at Max many times when we’ve been in town. We’ll definitely come see you next time we’re up there to see them and their two kids.

    Love and loads of detoxifying thoughts.

    Lee and Chris

  • Maxine:

    Yeah! What a great birthday surprise. Wish we could have joined you! xoxo ~max

  • maria:

    Happy Birtday Tracie!!!
    I’m wishing many more birthdays for the years to come!
    YOu look great with your new dooooo! ;-) but you look great with or without hair. I’m glad your friends surprised you which made it even funner I bet :) I send positive vibes for the next and final round!!

    Michelle, you are awesome!

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