Tracie Cone has always been a trailblazer. This award-winning journalist is the former California Newspaper Executive of the Year. She shares a Pulitzer Prize with fellow staff members at the Miami Herald for coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and has twice been nominated individually. She has focused her writing on helping the underdog and empowering those without a strong voice of their own. Now she takes us on the fight of her life.
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My first ambulance ride

I’m in the ER at St Agnes in Fresno. Trial drug beat me down. Unable to walk without assistance. Fainting. Tests and IV fluids. This is so hard.

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  • Michelle Johnson:

    Oh, God. I am so sorry.

  • Elaine Hoover:

    Praying for you, Tracie.
    I love you.

  • Robin:

    Tracie, my name is Robin and Fawn Germer is a friend of mine. She tells us you are having a particularly rough day… so I am writing to tell you that I am praying for you RIGHT NOW. I am praying for your victory over this ridiculously obscene disease and the pain it is bringing you. Pain like this truly is obscene, isn’t it? I am closing my eyes and seeing you standing, laughing, sun shining on your face. I will keep thinking about that image of you until it is true again. Tracie at St. Agnes in Fresno… get ready to dance. Your time will come.

  • Lynn Arthur:

    Sending you love and light for your body to be strong and filled with healing. Angels all around you.. love you, Lynn

  • Linda:

    Hang in there Tracie – keep your focus on the day when this is all behind you. With love and healing thoughts. Linda

  • Debby Deacon:

    Tracie, dear Tracie,
    If you are wondering why this is happening and wanting to chuck it all, just remember you are one of God’s chosen. You might not understand why he has you going through this, but He does. You are part of His Master Plan and believe it or not you are passing all tests, trials and tribulations with flying colors. Imagine the day when all this is behind you and you have won the fight and can stand tall and shout to the world of your conquering this ugly beast that Satan is trying to beat you down. You will prevail. God is with you!!! In my prayers yesterday, today and as long as is needed. You are on my 3day – 60 mile walking t-shirt as one of the SURVIVORS!!! God Bless, Debby

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