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My “Remarkable” News

Today Round 3 of my double-dose of chemo starts to take hold, yet I’m facing my tiredness and the tightness gripping my stomach as the meds fight nausea with a sense of optimism rather than dread.

Yesterday I received the “remarkable” news, as my oncologist put it, that my tumors are shrinking at a record pace. If the things we can measure are shrinking, then Michelle and I hope that any rouge cells that might have escaped the tumors are dying excruciating deaths as well. (Medical professionals play those cards close to the vest.)

This cancer-fighting mission I’m on is a fulltime job. For those just tuning in, Michelle and I are attacking this on many levels. I see Lynn, my attitude-adjusting life coach who helps me with nutrition and detoxes; I go to yoga, my vet performs acupressure to help with the nausea, I sometimes nibble on marijuana crackers for the same reason, I walk briskly when I can, and sleep when that’s all I can do. I eat a mostly vegan alkaline-based diet (no breads, sugar, processed flours; lots of whole grains and greens) because there are theories that cancer can’t grow as fast, if at all. On this point I have doubters. The body is designed to autoregulate and balance ph – but why should I tax my body that way? I want my body to focus on cancer fighting, not correcting my dietary mistakes. For the same reason I wash with natural borax rather than detergents and soaps, and read labels incessantly. Do you know how many petroleum products are in lotions and foods (FD&C is a label clue. Yes the government allows corporations to use petroleum-based dyes in our FOOD. The UK forbids it). I am buoyed by the love and prayers from all of you.

I have the best oncologist in the country in Dr. Robert Carlson and his staff. And I get chemotherapy every other week in a cutting-edge clinical trial!

The chemo is saving my life. There are no studies I can find that give much credit to the complementary things I am doing. But how else can we explain the “remarkable” diagnosis that Michelle and I received this week. I believe that every single thing I do to help my body focus on healing itself is helping me in this fight.

So my advice to any of you who are going through this: Pull out all the stops. Find a great oncologist whom you trust. Eat healthy foods. Surround yourself with love and friends. Keep your attitude positive. Arm yourself with the most complete arsenal you can find.

Then have faith that all of your suffering will someday be rewarded with your own “remarkable.”

7 Responses to “My “Remarkable” News”

  • Kim Williams:

    That’s truly wonderful news Tracie!!!! Amazing and wonderful. You can do this, keep your eye on the prize and cherish the “remarkable” moments. I’m very proud of all you’ve achieved so far and my love goes out to you and Michelle. xokim

  • Mel Woods:

    “Remarkable”~ I believe that’s fancy-pants medical jargon for “Holy Crap!, Hot Damn! Hooray!”.
    love, mel

  • That’s such great news, Tracie! I can’t tell you how happy I am to read this. Keep fighting!

  • Abi's BF:

    Hi T,
    After seeing you last night for dinner I must comment. Although you feel punk you look great. I just wanted you to know that…I can see the progress being made before my eyes. By the way I had to shower when I got home due to the lick bath I recieved all night from Jetta……can’t wait till next Wednesday and do it again,
    You are MUCHO loved !!!

  • Brenda:

    Our government is awful the crap they allow into our foods (and medicines)! Then they censor the studies that try to prove the toxicity. There is a reason Britain banned those dyes!!! I have noticed a drastic difference in Derek’s behavior since removing the artificial dyes from his diet. His Dr. thinks I’m insane and that I see what I want to see, but she can kiss my fat pants! Keep up the good work on your healthy body!!!


    Tracie, Julie forwarded your letters to me and I’ve been keeping up with your progress and I’m glad to be saying progress! I was so glad to read the good news. I just want you to know I’m thinking of you and remembering you in prayer. I remember well your Mom’s bout with cancer even tho I was just 10 years old at the time, but remember all the family’s stress and worry when Grandma headed to California to be with her. As you probably know Grandaddy died while she was in California and we were told at his funeral that he had been in church the week before asking for prayer for Aunt Jean. As we know she beat the cancer and I know that all the prayers had a lot to do with it. So I will continue to pray for you and feel really good that your cancer story will end the same as your Mom’s. Keep your chin up! Love, Jane

  • Rachel:


    Andrew and I send our love to you. I wish we weren’t in DC for the summer. I promise I will come and visit when we get back home in August. I know you are going to win this battle. In the darkest hours, think of all the incredible friends you have out there pulling for you. You wouldn’t have all those incredible friends if you weren’t an incredible person yourself!

    Michelle, while it doesn’t make it better, it’s good to know that Tracie has such a strong, powerful, motivatial person by her side that loves her so much.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you daily.

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