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Merry Christmas

The gift of good health is the best gift of all. Appreciate it!

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  • Michelle Johnson:

    Merry Christmas and congratulations on finishing radiation treatment!

  • Elaine Hoover:


  • Lee Q:

    2011 is gonna be the BEST year ever! Happy New Year!

  • Lori Romero-Torres:

    Amen is right. Congratulations! Thanks be to God that you have done so well. You have remained in my prayers. I can appreciate your comment on feeling literally “Well done.” I finished my radiation treatment last Dec.31st and can’t forget how my skin ached even more so after the radiation had ended. If your has started to sluff off in chunks and looks like red raw meat…then be sure to get to the radiation oncologist for burn wound care. They gave me a prescription for silvadine ointment for burn wounds. It did take several weeks to heal, but you will. You are right about the physically hard part being over and the Herceptin infusions will be a piece of cake. I finished my last Herceptin in September. I am now followed for 3 months check ups. The Adriamycin chemo. did affect my heart alittle so I am still being followed by a cardiologist. I imagine you have already started the Herceptin and Tamoxifen. With the tamoxifen I have had do deal with the hot flashes, but other wise no problems. I’ll stop for now. Many continued blessings to you and yours, Lori

  • Ellen Hale:

    Tracie: congratulations. I have so much admiration for you, as a chronicler of your health and times and as a person who clearly goes through life with pitch perfect tone. Here’s to a healthful 2011.


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