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Managing Pain

I hurt to the marrow thanks to the Neulasta shot that builds my white blood cells. That means I took yesterday off to veg out on Vicodin. I hate it, but it helped. More when I can manage. The pain sucks, but we are nearing the lasts and that was my last shot. Yay last!

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  • Elaine Hoover:

    Let me be among the first to say, I am so glad you have taken the last shot and that you are nearing your last chemo. After seeing in person the suffering you are bravely going through, I am in awe of your strength, courage, and determination in the face of such pain. Hang in there, my dear friend. I believe in you and am constantly holding you in my thoughts and prayers along with countless others who call you friend. You are loved.

  • maria:

    Hoooray! you have conquered this phase and are on your way to finishing this off a kicking cancer’s butt! You are awesome tracy….hang in there! we are all behind you and praying to the Angels to guard over you :)

    Love and hugs!

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