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Lucky In Cancer

I’ve told you before that this cancer experience has changed my life for the better, as hard as that has always been for me to believe, too.

Cancer has shown me how much I’m loved, and how much having all of you sending your positive energy my way will carry me through this. And then there are the signs from the universe that I will be fine when all of this is over.

Today I offer this from my old friend from high school Elaine Hoover, who participated in a walk on Saturday to raise money for breast screening for the poor and uninsured in her community. She was wearing the Team Tracie t-shirt my basketball teammates designed.

How do I figure into this, besides the fact that she walked for me in that shirt? Just read what Elaine said happened before the walk began:

“This was the first time I’ve participated in the Women’s 5k Walk/Run in Greensboro, so I got to the race early. As I was writing your name on the race bib a woman came up to me and wanted to read my shirt. She asked me about you and I told her about the journey you have been on since May. She told me she’d pray for you and walked away.

I didn’t know she was the emcee of the program until a few minutes before the race began when she said something from the stage about meeting a woman in a Team Tracie shirt. She asked the racers to raise their hand if they were walking for a friend today.

And then she said…’Let’s hear it for Tracie and all of the women we are walking for today!’

And the crowd went wild!

The good thing about walking and not running was that I had the opportunity to talk with the people around me. So many people said something about your shirt. You are being prayed for by lots of people in Greensboro today.”

Imagine all of those people cheering and praying for ME, and all of the other women struggling with this disease.

And that is why I’m lucky in cancer.

The Greensboro walkers who cheered for me!

2 Responses to “Lucky In Cancer”

  • Linda:

    Hi Tracie,

    Even though you may think I have been missing in action. I never cease to follow your blog and keep you in my thoughts and prayers, especially when you were going through the post chemo period. This last post had me struggling to finish reading it through the tears which made it quite a challenge. What special friends you have. What a great story.

    We’ll be back Wednesday, so hope to see you soon.

  • Abi's BF:

    How awesome !!!!!! THis path has certainly had some great moments like this as well !!!!!!
    Miss you and see you on Wednesday !!!!!

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