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Low BP scare

I’ve got some crazy strange low blood pressure issue going on right now that has zapped all of my energy — and it explains passing out yesterday. 89/59. I have no energy. Stanford medical team taking their time calling me back, but lovely nurse Lisa suggests fluids and protein. My mom and my friend Rani just made a protein drink for me. And they are forcing fluids.
I’ll let you know what’s up….

One of the bags of fluid dripped into MY HAND ouch!

THE DIAGNOSIS: Dehydration. I had two bags of IV fluids and had to promise to drink a liter more at home for dr to let me go. I feel better already. At least I have a little more energy so I can sit up and hold my head up. Tomorrow my goal is a short walk!

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  • Lee Q:


    Your reports have confirmed my two basic beliefs about life: First, if it’s not one thing it’s another. And second, re. your blood pressure, your feet, your hand, your hair, etc.: The foot bone really does connecka to the ankle bone, and the ankle bone connecka to the shin bone, etc. Each of us is indeed, an organic unit and when part of us goes out of whack everything is temporarily out of balance. I know you’ve got the will-power and the sense of humor needed get things back in balance when something flares up or slows down or starts going haywire in your body. And there are plenty of us out here keeping watch and cheering every time you turn up the light when darkness starts to fall. We love you.


  • Cicely Muldoon:

    Good thing you are one tough cookie! On the downhill side now, keep on truckin’!

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