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Let’s fight the real threat to U.S. lives!

The U.S. will spend $60 billion fighting a war in Afghanistan this year.

It has spent more than $900 billion fighting in Iraq. In 2008 we spent $12 billion a month there.

In 2009 The National Cancer Institute asked the federal government for $6.1 billion to fund research for cures to the many cancers Americans suffer. The President cut the request to $4.1 billion, less than the previous year.

In other words, the amount of tax dollars we spend annually finding a cure for cancer is less than we pay for 1½ weeks of killing in Iraq.

This year 1.5 million U.S. citizens will be diagnosed with cancer. More than 1,500 will die of the disease each day.

Perhaps I’m too close to this, but shouldn’t we place more emphasis on finding the real killer?

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