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It’s just hair, isn’t it?

Take that, chemo! You will not rob me of my hair clump by depressing clump. I was set to shave it off, but my dear neighbor Pam owns the Spectrum, Fresno’s hottest salon. She and David treated me to an “in between” cut, my shortest ever. All spikey and short. Everyone says it’s cute (what else could they say???), but it will take some getting used to. At least when it falls out in 17 more days it won’t clog the drain.

But it’s all part of the process. Part of taking charge. I feel good, but tired on this Day 3 after my first chemo.

My days are boosted by the emails I get from people I haven’t heard from in years: high school friends, college friends, old work colleagues, local friends with whom I’ve lost touch. I feel so lucky to have met so many great people in my years on Earth, and look forward to keeping in touch in the years ahead.

Before I wrap up this short post about hair, I want to tell you about something touching one of my two sweet nieces is doing. Paige will be married June 5 and, obviously, I cannot fly to NC to the wedding. So she ordered 250 pink breast cancer bracelets and will have them in a basket at the entrance to the reception for the guests to wear. On HER day. I tear up now just thinking about it again. After the wedding she will cut her hair for “Locks of Love,” something she has been doing since grade school.

I’m lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life! Life is good.

(Picture to follow when I can figure it out)

8 Responses to “It’s just hair, isn’t it?”

  • SEH:

    Building relationships… that is what it is all about. You are a builder, my friend. You have built for yourself a great foundation of friendships. Helping you to get healthy is our common bond. I may not know all of the people you call friend, but I love them just the same because they love and care for you.
    Paige is doing such a sweet thing for you with the bracelet idea. Your circle of friends grows daily.

  • Tiffany Akin:

    I don’t know if you remember or you ever saw me during my younger years when I was experimenting so much with my hair. I’ve shaved my head twice. Unlike you in a situation in which some unwanted force propelled you to cut your hair, I did it as more of a performance art exploration. I wanted to be “naked” – just me with nothing to hide behind. Would having no hair effect my self esteem? Being a woman with no hair can be scary; people would sometimes laugh out loud or stare. On the flip side of the coin, I was an inspiration to many women who had wanted to experiment but were too scared to try. I shaved two womens’ heads during that time!
    Hair can be a tool through which we express our personalities but it is superfluous. You are YOU no matter what. People may not see much hair but they will see YOU and your beautiful, fighting, lightning spirit. Hell, allow a bald head to shine as a beacon on hope!!

  • Julie Morris:

    Diggin the do, Tracie. You look great! Hair is overrated anyway.

  • lynn helderman:

    We missed you at the party last night. Paige was lovely as always, and I enjoyed a short talk with your Mom. Hang in there, the road may be tough, but you are tougher I’m certain of that. Perhaps some pink leather cowboy boots are in your future! I saw some in a magazine, loved them!
    love, lynn

  • Leslie:

    You look beautiful…

  • LB:

    Love the hair – I chopped mine off in 1998 and have never turned back. Also, the beautiful thing about hair is that it grows back eventually no matter what you do to it.
    sending lots of love,

  • Jared Grigsby:

    It looks really good, Tracie! I’m glad I read down to see your photo!

  • carol:

    Muy bonita chica!

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