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In Sickness and Health

Today is a good day on many fronts. I felt well enough to go to the farmers’ market. And U.S. District Judge Walker ruled that the ban on gay marriage passed by California voters two years ago is unconstitutional.

There was a brief moment in state history when the state Supreme Court ruled gay marriages were legal in California. It ended five months later when a hate- and fear-driven campaign succeeded in convincing a majority of California voters that the relationships of gay and lesbian couples are somehow inferior, threatening and less worthy of legal protections than those of heterosexuals.

During that five-month window of opportunity Michelle and I were married at the Fresno County Courthouse, becoming one of 18,000 gay couples currently legally married in California. Our marriage was not particularly romantic or well-thought-out. We read the polls, we knew we were about to miss our window of opportunity, we took a risk.

Today it’s hard to believe that anyone could see our union as less committed or worthy of protections than theirs as I depend on her to feed me, shop for me, fill my prescriptions, schlep me to my doctors at Stanford, sit by my hospital bed, prop me up when I’m down, cry with me when I’m scared, put her life on hold, and plan an uncertain future. It’s hard to imagine that given this level of commitment, should I not survive my illness, she will not be entitled to my federal Social Security surviving spouse benefits to help her move forward without me.

Marriage is not about what children may or may not be taught in school.

It’s about partners who stick with each other in good times and bad, for better for worse, for richer for (on disability) poorer, in sickness and in health.

Thank you Judge Walker. U.S. Supreme Court here we come!

My honey loves me, even when I'm sick

7 Responses to “In Sickness and Health”

  • alejandro:

    Unfortunately, I see an appeal coming… :(

  • Bryan:

    Amen darlin’. Love is love, plain and simple, and you’ve got it in spades! I hope today’s joy and celebration lifts your spirits now and in the weeks and months to come. Cheers to dinner in SF on Friday! I can hardly wait

  • Sue Morrow:

    BRAVO, Tracie!!! So glad you’re having a good day with good news for so many of our friends! A shout out to ya!! Love love to you and Michelle!

  • An appeal doesn’t mean a loss. Victories at the federal level will change the nation….

  • carol:




  • maria:

    I second that “Amen”! when you can depend on that one person who will be there through thick and thin then who cares about gender !!! Love can be so deceiving anyway…I;m happy for both of you and I support the victory!

    Am so happy you are feeling much better. To more better days ahead :)


  • Kim Williams:

    Beautiful picture of you two! Such bounty of good news, there is much to be thankful for. xo

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