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I Earned Them

I love my hair!

My posts are becoming more infrequent because, frankly, they would bore me, and you even more. Wake up slowly. Drink green tea. Go to the gym. Come home and collapse for the next 3-4 hours. Repeat.

I’m not getting my stamina back as quickly as I thought (hoped) I might. Everyone told me it takes six months for chemo to leave the system and that mark doesn’t come until the end of the month. So I make the absolute most of the brief spurts of energy that I have.

I’m diligent about the gym as I try o make my heart stronger to fight all of the drugs I have to take that can make it weaker. Who wants to go through all of this cancer treatment just for congestive heart failure??!!

I skipped the gym yesterday, though, when I began experiencing weird pain in the area where I had radiation. I’m not sure what caused it, but after weeks of no pain I felt the sharp stabs of burned flesh on my chest and back – the spots where I had been most badly burned. My guess is it’s nerve endings regenerating, but I’ll know more next week after another visit with my radiologist.

Other than that the only reason to post this is so that I can show you my hair again. I’m so excited that it’s growing, and for some reason I really like the color. Love it even. After all of these decades of dying my hair, I now know what I really look like. I’m not sure I even look older than I used to, especially as I stare at the photo of me on this blog.

She seems like a stranger to me. Vaguely familiar, but someone who hasn’t gone through the life- and attitude-altering fears and experiences that I’ve gone through. I feel sorry for her, in a sense. She didn’t know about true love and friendship. She waited and longed for something good to happen, rather than finding good in the moment.

In short: not the me of today.

So today I’m proud of my gray hair. I earned every one of them!

6 Responses to “I Earned Them”

  • Abi's BF:

    I think it looks cute !!!!!
    You don’t look older…..just more distinguished !!!
    Love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Hoover:

    Dear T,
    I love your hair,too! Wish you could see all of the faces of the folks who read your blog when they look at that smiling picture of you. Picture our smiles as big as yours looking right back at you;That’s miles and miles of smiles, my friend.

  • John Hubner:

    Hi Traci
    Reading you always gives me so much heart. Your hard-earned lessons confirm my own.
    I really liked your Michael Douglas entry.
    I got a Michael Douglas story that shows fairy tales are still true.
    A friend of mine is good friends with Courtney Valenti, Jack Valenti’s daughter. Courtney is a producer at Warners, I think, who worked her way up until she was entitled to two tix to the Oscars. She liked this guy in her building and invited him; the guy said no. Kirk Douglas is her godfather, she has known Michael most of her life. He calls to say hello (this is back in the 90s) and she tells him about this guy she likes turning her down on the Oscars. He says, Go with me. So Oscar night, he sweeps in and down they come in the elevator, Michael in a tux, Courtney in Oscar finery. And there’s the guy, waiting for the elevator. They blow by and out to the limo.
    And you, my dear: Three cheers for every gray hair!

  • Bryan:

    The gray is gorgeous and I love the specs too. Ever the inspiration my dear. You are loved. Big time. But you knew that.

    Kisses and the next time I see you we’ll be planning our dorkerifick Segue tour!

  • Beth:

    Tracie, That picture is a sight for sore eyes! You look great! You are an inspiration for me and so many others. Love you girl!

  • Lee Q:

    You look gorgeous! You always have.

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