Tracie Cone has always been a trailblazer. This award-winning journalist is the former California Newspaper Executive of the Year. She shares a Pulitzer Prize with fellow staff members at the Miami Herald for coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and has twice been nominated individually. She has focused her writing on helping the underdog and empowering those without a strong voice of their own. Now she takes us on the fight of her life.
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I am not my hair *

Michelle shaved my head Thursday, ahead of Sunday, when doctors said it would fall out.

14 Responses to “I am not my hair *”

  • carol:

    Michelle don’t come anywhere near me with shears!!!!

    Just kidding you did a fabulous and loving act, the result being that Tracie looks very cool.

    You are inspiring and my day is better for knowing you both and supporting your progress.



  • Maxine:

    I love it & I love you! xoxo ~max


    You have always been ahead of the game as long as I’ve known you, Tracie! Keep it up! Michelle did a great job on that smooth haircut.

  • Jeff:

    Kool. Let me know when you want the close shave…

  • Judi:

    Love this photo. You two are an awesome pair. T, you look good.

  • Lynn Arthur:

    Lookin good girlfriend!!!!Love you and sending positive energy your way. Lynn

  • Kim Williams:

    You are a mountain of strength, and dignity, and soul.
    And you’re still a hottie! xo

  • Cicely Muldoon:

    check you out! said it before, but you da bomb…go girl

  • alejandro:

    Pre-emptive strike… I like that. Love the soundtrack and your positive attitude.

    You’re my soldier of strength…

  • Amber Molina:

    You are truly an inspiration to all Tracie!

  • Francesca:

    You are beutiful

  • Aly:

    That was COOL.


    Be WELL


  • Leslie:

    The most amazing audio/video clip I’ve seen! Thank you for sharing, Rock Star I love girl. C U Soon….

  • Rebecca: continue to inspire me. I had my first chemo treatment yesterday, and watched this video with Fawn today, and am getting ready to do the same thing. You made it look so powerful. I hope and pray to be strong like you.


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