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Holey Moley $8,275.42

Today Michelle opened the bill for my visit to the Fresno ER three weeks ago.

I received three bags of saline and some morphine over about six hours. And a chest Xray. Morphine must really be expensive because salty water isn’t.

This bill doesn’t even count the ambulance ride there. I wonder how much my 4-day stay at Stanford hospital will be? I went through some really expensive tests there.

Every day I’m grateful that I work for a company that provides excellent health insurance. I’m also glad I made a decision to pay a little extra for a better version of the plan.

I’ve always worried about people without health insurance, now more than ever. Getting sick should not be a reason for bankruptcy.

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  • Sue:

    Here, here. Nor preexisting conditions.

    Thanks to you, the VA has been very good to our household. Xoxoxoxox

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