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I had a long night trying to regulate my pain meds but today is better. I’m off the IV diladid and on oral percocet. Michelle just helped me put on my own jammies. I got out of bed for the first tine and shuffled down the hall. With each step the pain subsided a little bit. I just couldn’t go very far because of the lightheadedness.
They have me bound with an elastic corset. Underneath are the bandages. The corset helps ease pain too. I also have four drains.
This is what writing on percocet looks like.
Love to all of you. Thanks for the emails and posts.

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  • Marian:

    Dear Tracie, I’m sure you’re delighted the surgery is over with. Pat called me last night and was relieved that it went well.

    So good to hear from you and will continue to think of you and send those good thoughts!


  • Elaine Hoover:

    You are such an amazing woman, Tracie Cone! I know you felt good about being able to get up and move around a bit today. You are a great writer even through the fog of drugs. Yesterday I went back and read your blog and all of the comments from start to finish and it just reinforced what I’ve always know about you; you are smart, funny, honest, strong, brave, courageous, bold, inquisitive, and so creative. You have blessed us all with the honest, witty, and insightful writing on this blog. You are a blessing to those that have known you for a long time or are just making you acquaintance via this blog. Keep fighting my friend. You are ever in my thoughts and prayers.
    Elaine Hoover

  • Richard Johnson:

    Even on percocet, you’re still a powerful writer — and a powerful person. Take some time to heal.

  • Kimberly Fields:

    Is there any way of gettin’ some of that diladid for your friends?

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