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Headed Home

I’ve been discharged! My checkup turned into four days in the hospital. I’ll fill you in when I get home.

3 Responses to “Headed Home”

  • Lee Q:

    Your visit to the Crap Ward was no doubt sponsored by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, which, as it welcomes you home, reminds you that there is at least one place less-attractive than The Raisin City!

    Aloha from La Habra.


  • Lee Q:

    ps. I posted the Chamber of Commerce note at 3:06 p.m., Pacific Dayiight Time, some seven hours prior to the time your blog says it arrived “awaiting moderation.” I am opposed to moderation, but my point is that unless you are in some little-known time zone over there in farm country, the time setting on your home computer may need resetting.


  • Juliana:

    wooohooo! so glad you’re going home! it’s friday and i am really glad to hear you’ll be home — away from potato-laden meals and mad shitters (much as i also have compassion for them… )and in a place where you can be comfortable again.
    not much to report on the office front… i am dutifully keeping the farm stories going on your behalf: it’s been nothing but fun time with dairy cows and olive oil.

    keep hanging in there… we’re all thinking of you.


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