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Hanging in

A quick update from the throes of Round 2. And a shout-out to Katie, Dr. Carlson’s PA. Katie declared war on my nausea and ordered an IV dose of Zofran that is supposed to last 5 days, on top of taking the pills. No cakewalk, but I’m dealing with Chemo Hell better than last time. Made it through last night without getting sick. Hoping for the best today. Even shuffled 100 yards or so around our cul-de-sac this morning. Thanks for all of the support, Team!!! More when I can get upright again.

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  • Lynn Arthur:

    Your strong and will make it through this one too…Your almost there. See you soon. Lynn :)


    So glad Katie is on your team and that Round 2 is going a bit better for you. Could you “hear” all of us cheering for you as you made your way around the cul-de-sac this morning? Hang Tough, Tracie!

  • lynn helderman:

    Hang on, you can do it. Thinking of you. love ya, lynn

  • Kim Williams:

    You’re a beauty, with or without hair. We’re rootin’ for you in Panoche!

  • Linda:

    Hang in there Tracie – we’re all out here pulling for you

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