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Goodbye Fat Pants

Me with my stack of banished 'fat pants'

In my continuing effort to look on the bright side (ugh), today I offer this: A stack of 9 pairs of “fat pants” I’m going to put in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters donation bin.

Even B.C. I was beginning to get the upper hand in my post-40 battle with weight. I lost 7 pounds, then the stress of the diagnosis came. Combined with the dietary changes I made to battle cancer (including no alcohol, sigh), the weight started dropping off. Add to that the chemo days when it’s hard to eat anything, and I’m up to 23 pounds!

The problem is doctors don’t want me to lose weight, but I’m really not sure how its not supposed to happen given the 5-6 days when absolutely nothing’s appealing. The nurse in charge of the trial I’m in even pointed to my belly and told me to try to keep it. Doctors could use it to rebuild my breast after the mastectomy, she said. (Carrying on the bright side theme, that means a breast lift and tummy tuck!)

Despite the warnings it’s hard not to be happy giving away this first batch of fat pants. I can even fit into 501s now, which haven’t suited my body type for a few years!

This is not the diet anyone wants to be on. But today, the second day I was able to walk 1½ miles, I made a new goal: to emerge from this healthier than ever, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

That includes permanently banishing the fat pants.

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  • Michelle:

    yeah you!!!!

  • Maria:

    Hey Tracie!

    No, it’s not the best way to lose weight but you seem to be doing alot better and it shows in your face :). I’m happy to see you smile! I know you still face a rough road ahead but I know with that strong determination and positive attitude you are going to kick this in the Ass!! I’m there rooting for you in mind and spirit. I am making plans to go see you soon though.

    I thought of you as i was running a half-marathon a couple of weeks ago and when i thought i could not run anymore, I thought of you and you gave me that drive!

    I’m going to the tequila tasting in benefiting the cure for Breast Cancer, on Saturday. I’ll think of you and raise my glass in honor of you.

    Keep at it girl!….and those angels are there with you..I just know it :)

    Give my regards to Michelle



    You are an inspiration, Tracie. You are making so many wise decisions and choices in working toward your goals. I know it is hard, and difficult work, but it will all pay off.
    Now, go buy yourself some more jeans!

  • Kelly S.:

    So many good things there!! You’re getting healthy, you’re donating to charity and best of all, the upcoming breast lift & tummy tuck!!! ;-) You’re looking good, Tracie!

  • Sue:

    The Monty Python song is now in my head: “Always look at the brighter side of life…” (inserting whistling here…)

    You’re amazing, Tracie!

  • Your blog is so informative ¡­ keep up the good work!!!!

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