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OMG, I just got the best news ever and wanted to share while I’m sitting in the chemo chair. My tumors are shrinking at a rapid pace.

In fact, when Dr. Robert Carlson was performing my breast exam his first words were “Where did it go?” He stopped to read the original description of my main breast tumor, then said it was much, much smaller than before. He couldn’t even find the second tumor in the sentinel lymph on the side of my breast.

He used the word “remarkable” and a bunch of others that I wished I had written down, but I was crying happy tears. So was Michelle.

The tumors are what we can measure. The fear is rouge cells that might have escaped and are hiding elsewhere in my body. But if the tumors are responding so remarkably to the treatment, then we all know the rouge cells are being gobbled up too.

So it’s a VERY good day. This kind of news makes me eager to endure Round 3.

5 Responses to “GOOD NEWS!!!”

  • alejandro:

    Woo Hoo!!!!

  • Elaine:

    Great News, Tracie!!!!
    If there are rouge cells, they may run, but they can not hide from the Pac Man chemo out to gobble them up!
    Keep fighting, Tough Tracie, and give the good doc a hug from Team Tracie.

  • Maxine:

    That is awesome news! Good luck with Round 3. Feel the love & the strength that I am sending your way. xoxo ~max

  • carol:

    I feel like crying as well, what wonderful news Tracie, your positive kick ass plan of attack is effective.

    If you can come join us tomorrow and share.


  • Larry Humrick:

    I am thankful and grateful and happy beyond belief.
    As always, Im praying and meditating for your health, happiness and well being. Hang in there for round three…I’m with you. Sending you my healing light.
    You are perfect!

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