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Chemo-patterned baldness

Today we shaved the falling fuzz, resting at the Bozo pattern

OK, so my hair really didn’t fall the way it looks in the picture. But today I started getting itchy, like you get after a haircut and little hairs fall down your back. I realized the fuzz left on my head after my buzz cut last week was starting to fall out. Fast.

So today Michelle shaved my head, dulling a couple of razors in the process. After one break in the action she told me I had the same hair pattern as Bozo the Clown, so we stopped to take this picture.

I am adjusting quickly to life without hair. In fact, after a couple of forays in public, I’ve ditched the scarf for the most part.

The scarf screams “chemo patient,” which evokes strong reactions in people – from pity to plain ol’ ignoring. Some people are sympathetic; others just can’t face reality or mortality. I sat at a small café-style table next to a woman this week who could not look to her right at me. All of her conversations were directed to the other two women at the table. I think the scarf scared her.

Without the scarf I’m just some crazy lady who shaved her hair off. An artist perhaps. Or a lunatic.

In any case, people smile and stare. I like that much better.

3 Responses to “Chemo-patterned baldness”

  • Kim Williams:

    Sounds like the reaction I got when I was a young punk -although they usually didn’t smile, just stared.

    you look better than i did with a shaved head. who knew you had such a nicely shaped noggin!

  • Michelle Johnson:

    For later blogs, you must tell us: Does it itch when it grows back in?

  • Aly:

    I’m glad you are finding the bright side in all of this. I’m am cheering for you. You are handling it beautifully. Be well. Aly

    ps: you look more radiant than ever!

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