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Back at Stanford

We’re at Stanford on a non-chemo day but it’s not a crisis. Meeting with a cardiologist who might be able to give us the results of all of those hospital tests. Then to San Francisco for dinner with friends while we are in the hood. Kim and Michelle deserve a change of scenery and I feel well enough to go along for the ride.

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  • Tom:

    Great to see you here in the SFC bureau and I’m thrilled you only have 3 more chemo blasts to endure. Have a great weekend in the City with your friends.

    Your wife Michelle is a doll.


  • Arleen:

    Hello Tracie,

    This is Tom’s wife and I just wanted to shout, scream and vibe support your way. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, August 2009, and it has been a journey and battle back to some form of normalcy. I still have chemo legs but am much better than I was a month ago and a few months ago, etc, etc…… You hang in there!! I have read and been very touched by your blog and know that you are a tough cookie and obviously have great support from family and friends and co-workers. I hate pink too!


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