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Another Random Act of Thoughtfulness

I stand testament that random acts of thoughtfulness and kindness make the difference in finding the will to overcome a devastating illness. When others care enough to invest their time and emotions into my recovery, I know I can’t let them down.

Today I received a FedEx package from my old high school basketball teammates. My Cali friends might recall a trip I made to Belmont, N.C. in October when our team was inducted into the city’s Hall of Fame for winning back-to-back state championships. We established a won-loss record that has stood all of these decades. Best of all, we reconnected as teammates after years apart.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, many of my teammates began rallying me with cards, calls and emails. Nearly always their communications ended with our team motto: No matter what the odds, I can, I will, I must.

Now today a t-shirt arrived that they made for the team, and I’m overwhelmed by the thought that went into it.

On the front “Team Tracie,” the breast cancer ribbon and the name of our team: the South Point High School Lady Raiders.”

On the back: “Tracie’s fight is our fight.” And that team fight motto, which is appropriate for this battle I’m fighting. No matter the odds (and mine are 80 percent), I can, will and must prevail.

The motto inspired us to win championships. I think of it now, too, as I fight cancer. No matter what the odds, I can, I will, I must.

4 Responses to “Another Random Act of Thoughtfulness”

  • Michelle:

    Nice shirts, but I did not see one in my size!

  • Bryan:

    Lady Raiders…tee hee :o) Hope you’re well my dear and it’s marvelous to hear that the love keeps pouring in. Chemo day 2…how are you feeling? Check out the pics of today’s Prop 8 news on my FB page if you feel like a laugh. Holy moly, the crazy was out in force down the street.

    Big love,

  • Jane Parish Maclin:

    Tracie, I got behind a little on your blog and was reading yesterday to catch up. I was cracking up when I read about the crap story in the hospital, and then came to the T-shirt story and got tears in my eyes. I’m so sorry you have been going through so much. You do have some wonderful friends!! Keep your chin up, like you said there is light at the end of the tunnel now. Just keep on keeping on to the end of that tunnel and look forward to better days. Lots of love, from your cuz Jane.

  • Susan Doty Bowen:

    Just had goosebumps reading this. What great friends you do have! Keep up the fight!

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