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A cool day in Monterey

I’m typing this on my phone to update you on the weekend. Michelle, my mom and I escaped the heat and foul air for the weekend. We walked briskly for a full hour this morning. I feel really good. Wish we could stay here for the rest of the summer!! it’s 65 degrees here, 105 in Fresno.

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  • Arwana:

    Hi Trace! I figured out how to do this! not bad for an ‘old lady’!! maybe I’ll be a techie after all. I spoke to your Mom earlier today and learned that things are beautiful for all of you today~ strolling along the beach, enjoying life: ahh yes, it takes some of us longer than others to learn our lessons on how to live in the moment & appreciate the here & now. The important thing is that we learn it. With the big family I have, I learned to pray a lot long ago until God finally said, “if that’s Arwana just give her what she asks for because it’s important”. So that is how it has been with my fervent prayers for you, dear one. And they will continue… Have a wonderful time with my dear Becky (your sweet Mama) — I love her so dearly, & hold both of you close to my heart!

  • Arwana:

    Guess I’m not a techie after all. I think the reply went off into the Pacific!! or more possibly the Atlantic!

  • Judith calson:

    Breath deep -that salt water air is healing. Xo

  • Sue:

    Ocean air and good energy. That’s great! Breath it in and let it consume you! Xoxox

  • Ann:

    Glad you got to enjoy a cool weekend and your Mom in town! Birthday blessings and all good thoughts for favorable results on latest tests. Peace, Ann
    p.s. Karma continues . . . my RDX is also grey.

  • sunnie:

    So glad you could come to the coast..hope you can come more … remember if you ever want to stay here in my home overnight …. please come …. any time… much love to your mom… and michelle… and most of all,,, much love to you … every day I pray for you… xoxoxoxo sunnie

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