Tracie Cone has always been a trailblazer. This award-winning journalist is the former California Newspaper Executive of the Year. She shares a Pulitzer Prize with fellow staff members at the Miami Herald for coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and has twice been nominated individually. She has focused her writing on helping the underdog and empowering those without a strong voice of their own. Now she takes us on the fight of her life.
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I’m running errands for the first time as a “scarf lady.” I’ll let you know how it goes. I never have known how to react to women I see out in the midst of chemo, other than I’ve wanted to hug them. But mom always said don’t stare.

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    You look great, Tracie! It is so good to know that today is a better day and that you are up and about. Saw a lady at the farmer’s market with a shaved head and just wanted to run up and hug her and say that is was for you and Tracie. Next time it happens, I think I’ll do it! Hugs… and lots of them to you.

  • Abi's BF:

    Hi T,
    BTW are those custom carved Spanish cabinets in the photo with you??? Are they out of an Old Mission? Is it the Rescue Mission???? Just had to share a laugh….go get ‘em scarf lady and just for you I made homemade organic peach ice-cream for dessert…..we’ll see you tonite and eat and laugh…………….

  • Jeff:

    Do you want a Raider scarf?!?!

    Correction on the cabinets – they are from a 15th century Spanish Galleon.

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