Tracie Cone has always been a trailblazer. This award-winning journalist is the former California Newspaper Executive of the Year. She shares a Pulitzer Prize with fellow staff members at the Miami Herald for coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and has twice been nominated individually. She has focused her writing on helping the underdog and empowering those without a strong voice of their own. Now she takes us on the fight of her life.
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Wow!!! The ROE’s (rules of engagement) have changed for “fighters of cancer”. You and your miraculous team of God, doctors, lovers, family and friends have fought alongside you with prayers, good thoughts and awesome “tools” for recovery. Others not as fortunate as you in this cancer war are going to reap so many benefits and truthful and blatantly honest expectations they’ll face while they fight their cancers too.

Remember the book you always thought you’d write………well the new book is going to be written by you on this trial and it should be called….”WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T FIGHT CANCER AND WIN?” (NEVER SAY NEVER…THE NARRATIVE AND SUGGESTIONS IN THIS BOOK WILL PROVE FIGHTING WITH EVERY WEAPON THAT’S OUT THERE WORKS) by Tracie Lynn Cone

God Bless You Trace!!!!! Love you lots!! Enjoy your mom!!


You may or may not remember me. I was the tech with you during your biopsy at AMI. I recently saw Michelle and she updated me on your journey. She gave me your blog and I have been following along. I must tell you that as a professional in my position, we never get to see “what happens” with our patients. We are the beginning. The hard journey starts with us. Now, as I read along, I can understand what our patients must endure to save their lives. Every day that I work, I see patients with cancer. Whether they have a new diagnosis or have had it and beat it. When I met you and Michelle, I was overwhelmed by the great support that you have for one another. It is inspiring.I pray for both of you. Know that you are being prayed for, thought of and supported by many many people. I posted your blog and it has inspired my friends as well. I know you have a lot of strength but when you need help, please let your friends and family help you, that is what they are for. I will continue to follow your progress and pray for you. Your blog has made me laugh and cry. I am so happy that you were able to see the wedding. I will take advice from you and learn to enjoy life’s small offerings everyday. Take care and I will check in often.

Well, at least your life is never boring.

I just got back from a one-week furlough to find this link forwarded by Connie. Of course, I send all my love and best wishes and add to the flow of healing emanations I know are streaming in from across the globe and from whatever strange and faraway planet that sent you here to live among us.

It is heartening to see you confronting this in true Tracie style. We’d all be rich if we could bottle that boundless energy and curiosity. I’d also like to assure you the newly naked pate only adds to your always magnetic appeal. Who doesn’t dig a sexy biker chick?

Keep kicking ass, girl. My mom live for 50 years after surviving breast cancer. You could carry her under one arm.

I’ll keep reading, hoping and thinking of you.

i just watched your latest video and caught up on you a little bit via the blog. selfish though it sounds, it’s really nice to read you one way or another. i hope you’re having a good day today and feeling as well as can be… just wanted to send you my love because i held you in my heart a bit today!

“As I read your words Tracie , I want to crawl through the wires , appear at your bed side on those 3:00 A.M. mornings and hold you…Know, that is how we all feel and are there for you… you are never alone… NEVER.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo”

You’re my soldier of strength…

Good morning,
It’s supposed to be a little warmer today (93), but still beautiful. Tom and I are going to 9:30 mass today at Saint Anthony’s. I will be dedicating the mass to your health, happiness and well being (& Michelle’s, too). I hope you have a really good day. Please remember all the love and healing light coming to you.
You are perfect,
“As a feminist, I’ve always hated using the phrase, “she got balls” when referring to a strong woman. That you had to refer to male appendages to describe a woman of strength and character. While out riding with a my group of riding sisters recently, (our club is called Chrome Divas :D), it came to me – Titanium tits! And woman, you got ‘em! Hang in there. Praying girl! Praying hard. ”
“Hang in there Tracie! You have our support and prayers and we love you!”

who knew looking at all that hair that your face would be so lovely without it.
My daughter and I did a cancer society relay for life walk last night. Our 2 teams raised $2500 dollars. cool. I dont know if you’re familiar with these events. It’s a 12 hour walk around a track, and at some point during the night they have a thing where you buy a light in a bag in honor of someone who has cancer, and then they turn off the lights and light them up. Everyone walks in a procession with bagpipers, and they read off all the names. It sounds hokey to write, but is actually fairly moving. But instead of reading your name in the list, they read off mine, which I have to say was actually a little creepy. But I was thinking of you anyway. I wasn’t fooled. And my daughter’s friends were unnecessarily nice to me for a brief while.
Hope you’re having a good day.
“Tracie, I hear there’s an open seat in the front row of the White House Press Corps. Hurry up and get this thing over with so you can slip right in!”
Hey Tracie,
I’ve been keeping up with you via your web site and I spoke with Terri.
You are in my thoughts each and everyday. I’m praying for you. I pray
that the Lord will continue to give you strength. I’m very thankful that
you have such great support in a wonderful partner and great friends and
family. You can do this Tracie, I believe in you! Tell Michelle, thanks
from your cousin, Melissa for taking such good care of you. Maybe one
day I can meet her and thank her in person. Know that I love you and
hope that you are feeling better than expected from the chemo meds. Hang
in there!

15 Responses to “Mailbag”

  • Kay Whitten:

    HI Tracie, Michelle told me about your blog this morning as I was walking in the neighborhood so thought I would check it out. We have been thinking good thoughts for you. I have so many friends who have had breast cancer, including my sister. She is doing great, thank God. Hang in their and I will stay in touch via walks or your blog. Rocky says hi!

  • Elaine Hudson (Michelle's cousin):

    Tracie – My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know you are very strong and you will overcome this obstacle. Your cousin Elaine

  • sandra:

    hello tracie, my name is sandra, i am lisa guzman’s best friend. i have met michelle at lisa’s store a couple of times, very nice lady. i recently found out about the situation and i am with you a bizzlion times over!! i lost my partner of 5 years to hodgekins lymphnoma, june 24th,2008. i just celebrated her life on her 2nd anniversary. i took care of her for two years and i lost her in my arms at our house , in our bed. i was there for her last breath. i am still recovering, you never really get over things, you just try and rise above them. i miss her so much and our love and life we shared. but,her spirit is free and i know she is happy. she would never want me upset or not happy so i keep that in mind, that helps nme to go on. i have never been through anything like that in my life. it was really devastating.we had two years to talk and love each other , for that i am so grateful for!we had so many ups and downs, but we talked through all of it. you never ask for things like this in life to happen to you, they just do.took me a long time to accept that. so with all that said i want to tell you i so know all you are going through and i have you in my prayers! stay optimistic, strong and remember,dont get worried until they tell you news that cannot be helped. please feel free to call me anytime , you or michelle, day or nite!lisa can give you my numbers, as i dont know if this will be on your website. michelle, hang in there and give your support as you are doing now, that is all you can do and be there for your patner. i know its not what we thought and its so shocking, and your lives have changed. but just know that whatever happens, you were there for each other and your love will prevail!!god bless and have strentgh. its a long journey but an enlighting one!! you will discover how deep and true your love is for each other. ok, well, take care michelle, stay strong and focused, tracie you the same. a thought for you from my michelle, “life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” michelle lived by that and loved life. so dont lose sight of who you are through this , as that is easy to do when your heart feels sadness and sorrow. ok, tracie hang in there girl, from what lisa has told me , you are doing good. bye for now , i hope to meet you soon. love sandra….peace be with you.

  • sandra:

    Dear Tracie, p.s. remember, life is short and enjoy each day to the fullest capacity! you always knew life was precious im sure , but now you really you know, it can change in a blink of an eye. when you get past the shock, thats when you just enjoy each other and all the day brings you. sorry about the mis spells on previous entry! lol!!! ok , take care sis and dont stop believing!! love sandra…..peace out!!!!

  • Beth:

    Tracie, There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to beat this. I know from experience that people can say things that they don’t realize will scare you or make you have doubts. Don’t you ever doubt for one second girl! I know you. I have seen you fight, I’ve seen you pick yourself up after falling more than once! I’ve seen you draw strength when there was none to be found! I’ve seen you win when there was no hope! I have seen you draw breath when there was no air! Our team performed miracles when no one else believed it possible. The thing is no one else really knew who we were and what depths we would go to for a victory. There was no quiting, no slowing down, no energy wasted! There was no such thing as losing. You learned that as a Lady Raider and it was so instilled in each one of us that it always even today gives us strength and we learned NO MATTER WHAT THE ODDS: I CAN, I WILL, I MUST! Don’t ever forget those words or what they stand for. You my friend are equipped with enough arsenal to take on anything this life throws at you, and as I said, I have no doubt that you will come out a winner. I am always here for you day or night. You have my number and you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Once again we are on the same team. I am your team-mate and I will not let you down. I lift you up each and every time I Pray. This time, God is the coach and you have to believe in him and go to him for help and instructions on how to win the fight.
    Love Always,

  • Lisa:

    Hi Tracie,

    I heard about your wonderful story today and wanted to check out your page. Sending you lots of love, light, courage, strength, determination and look farward to reading your blogs MANY years from now with YOU writing them :-)

  • Marian:

    Hi Tracie, You know that I’m thinking about you and was so happy to read your last report. Just keep up the great work.

    I spoke to Pat yesterday and we decided the minute you’re ready for visitors, Fresno, he we come!


  • sandra:

    hello tracie, well, i was shocked to hear about your port! that is very disturbing to say the least!!!!! i pray for you and hope they get a handle on that. it was great meeting you finally, under crazy circumstances, but ah, thats life right?? ok so mom starts the process of radiation today, tomaxaphin starting today for rest of her life instead of 5 years. soooo, the next round, will keep you posted. we will have to all get together when your up to it and visit and maybe play some music. music soothes the soul. so my prayers are with you, stay positive and focused as much as you can!you are like my partner, optimistic, and know what lifes all about. also, now more than ever have realized, life is so precious and to live each day to the fullest capacity, no matter what! take care sis!

    love sandra, peace out

  • Ryan:

    Hey Tracie,

    It’s Ryan, reading about you and hoping to learn a little more about your views, feeling and thoughts. This is helping give me a better picture and insight. I am sure that this information will help me help other. If I can do anything please let me know. Thank Ryan

  • Mike:

    Tracie – – Not sure if the earlier message got through. Kono has arrived! I’ll hold it for you. Best to you and Michelle.


  • Susan Boren Wong:

    Traci–This is your 2nd cousin in San Jose, and I just found you through a link. I’m so sorry you are going through this challenge in your life. I lost contact with you a while back, but now I can read about you through your blog. My Mother is still living with us,and we will keep you in our thoughts. I remember the great memories we had when our families got together when we were kids. Say Hi to your Mom for us.Susan Wong

  • Drew Clark:

    Hi Tracie –

    It’s Drew Clark, Fred’s college roomate from waayy back in 70s. I live up in Marin county now, not too far away.
    Very sorry to hear about your challenge, but I know you are helping others (and yourself) by telling your story so eloquently. Be strong, live long!


  • Sue Marsh:

    Hi Tracie,
    I’m thrilled but not surprised to find that you are still alive! My hubby forwarded me a very interesting article on Dr. Gu at Fresno state and I saw your name as the author! I had heard you had cancer some time ago and often think about you. It happens mostly when I drive down Highway 25 and I think, “that woman got this cement divider down the middle of this highway, she won’t be beat by cancer.” I am glad I was right. You look great too : )

  • Tracie
    It is so nice to re-connect with you and read your blog.
    I just read an article about the Santa Maria police officer that you wrote, it was forwarded to me by LULAC in Santa Maria. They are interested in the case. The article was on the Boston Globe. I was so glad to see your name as the author of the news.

    Keep up the great work you always do, and I will keep you in my prayers, take care.

  • WS Whit:

    Tracie girl… I wonder if your adventure with my drama so many years ago may have helped you in some way? I certainly hope so.

    Your inspiration and kindness carried me through the most difficult of times.

    It seems I have come upon a new chapter in my own life, but it is amazing that after that long ago California bout – I was able to go so long again without incident.

    I am impressed with your stamina and resolve. Both at my side, during your own event and in support of the cause.

    I hope I am as lucky this time and I thank you again my friend. Stay the course! Keep the politicos on their toes.

    Cheers! Wendy

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