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Archive for June, 2011


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog and I came to realize it was because it’s hard to think about how sick I was when I’m feeling so good now.
I’m back and work and loving it, and I’ve found that the low-level sickness I felt disappeared when I returned to my job at AP. Now I focus on my stories instead of cancer. It’s amazing how good a person can feel when one doesn’t sit around thinking about being sick all day.
Which leads me to why I feel good.
I saw Dr. Carlson last week for my regular 9-week checkup. I always have a list of questions for him and one of them is the question so many of you ask: “When will you be in remission?
I always answer “I don’t know.” I’m still in treatment, after all, because I get the chemical antibody Herceptin infused every three weeks. I always figured it would be sometime after that.
So I asked Dr. Carlson: “My friends want to know when I’ll be in remission.”
“You’re in remission,” he quickly responded.
“What?!! Why didn’t you tell me?”
But he had, in his own way, he said. He told me I’m fine. He told me he thinks I’m cancer free.
But I kept listening for the word that everyone knows. As if he was going to make some sort of pronouncement.
Remission is a word for all of those things: cancer free, fine, healthy, etc.
And that’s what I’m in now.
I’ve never felt better in my life. I appreciate my good health and I constantly work at making it better.
I’m in remission. And there I plan to stay!

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