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Archive for December, 2010

Hair Today!

A fine, temporary layer of baby hair is starting to grow! I'll take it.

Let there be hair, but only in the places I want it!

The signs that chemo is dissipating in my body are upon us, and it was first revealed in the peach fuzz of fine baby hair now sprouting over my head.

This photo I managed with my computer is the first I’ve seen of it, though I have been rubbing it for a week. It’s dark! Yay. But that doesn’t mean the real stuff will be when it displaces this temporary coiffure in early spring.

(They say my new hair will be coarse and curly and could come in a different color. I’m thinking that color might include a lot of gray.)

Head on the hair means hair is also starting to reappear in other places, unfortunately. The only up side to all I’ve endured was the surprising arrival of a chemo-induced Brazilian (no offense Julianna, my Rio friend), now showing signs of subsiding. Not having to shave my legs for the past seven months has been a nice departure, not that I would have been able to manage anyway.

But most of the hair is on my head, where this fine layer still isn’t near enough to keep me warm.

But having baby hair is a sign that my rebirth is upon us. The new and improved me is emerging after a laborious ordeal.

I can’t wait to see where this life leads me.

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